Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Skinny Jeans on a Fella. . .

I would say that I am fairly open minded and embrace all kinds. I say all kinds because I mean---ALL KINDS. However, I see things that don't make sense and you KNOW someone else is thinking the exact same thing, so why not broach the subject? Keeping in mind that it is done in an appropriate manner. . . of course. So today, I am eating my nutrionally filled lunch for which I am certain is bad for my newly reported HIGH CHOLESTEROL (that's another blog time)when I see a fella in skinny jeans.

Yes, the skinny jeans were being worn by the fella. Which, I've gotta say, in the era of Beiber Fever and BLOVERS,{b-lovah}it's pretty apparent that guys who love skinny jeans also love Beiber. (Don't lie. Embrace it. No one's judging here.) Well, I begin to take further notice of the fella in the skinny jeans when my obsessive compulsive and attention deficit thoughts come through and I think, "Huh. He has flip flops on. I wonder if he had a pedicure. Oh, and his nails are black. I wonder if it's the new OPI crackle black in the Katy Perry collection?" Then I think, "Wow. His toes are really hairy. He needs to groom those." I should have stopped right there and averted thine eyes, but alas I did not.

Thine eyes proceed back to the top and notice the topic for this blog--- the counter productive, oxy moronic, non-winning (thank you Charlie Sheen) SAGGY skinny jean. Yes, the skinny jeans wearin' fella was bustin' a sag. "Huh. He's wearing plaid panties. That doesn't go with the whole skater boy/punk theme he's trying to pull off." [Insert the sound for reverse or rewind] I know why women wear skinny jeans. That's fairly obvious. I've never understood why the fellas wear skinny jeans, but men also wear lipstick, eyeliner, high heels and I say whatever floats your boat or cranks your motor. But, this is truly an interesting fashion statement. Why EVEN WEAR skinny jeans if you aren't REALLY going to wear them and you bust a sag?

Again, all kinds. Not judging. Just wondering.

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